Zarek started playing the drums around age 9 getting lessons from an instructor at his home church. While Zarek started learning about media at a very early age there was something about the drums that always captivated him and wanting to know more about it. While being in a Church environment his entire life while he was volunteering in the media he would always watch the drummer and wanting to be him. When the opportunity came to him to start getting lessons he went at full force, It was a rough start for him but like anything practice makes perfect. while going into middle school and being denied a spot in the percussion section by his audition only filed his fire even more. Practicing as much as he can come the following year he got the spot. Soon into the years and into highschool he found another instrument that caught his attention, The Marimba. While he continued his love for drums, playing an instrument where you can express yourself in a whole new way just felt right to him. Using most of his time to practice and learn solos Zarek quickly became a deadly competitor, He learned 4 Mallet Marimba and became an outstanding soloist and a State soloist playing College level material at the Highschool Level. During his senior year there was one last goal he wanted to reach, Becoming Drumline Captain. Being part of a Drumline That was playing DCI music only pushed him to be the best he can. Again practicing as much as he can he got the position and went on to push his drumline to it's limits. After his high school time he Started working for many well known companies. Bestbuy, Microsoft, Apple and office depot. Zarek Still Plays drums and continues to push himself in a new way, the art of a studio drummer. Along the way he met the love of his life Cheyenne which is now his wife. Along with that life changing moment he is currently now the Media director of a Church in San Antonio, Texas, CJCLife. with his and his wife's strong faith they thank God for the blessings that he has given them and will continue to use their talents for his glory.    

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